Hydro Cleansing

Company: Hydro Cleansing Limited
Project Website: www.hydro-cleansing.com
Industry: Waste Removal / Drain Cleaning

About Hydro Cleansing

Hydro Cleansing are continuously building upon their experience and increasing their capabilities to deliver the best environmental services. Blocked drains, flooded pumping stations, overflowing interceptors or blocked fat traps, they have been faced with a variety of challenges. This in addition to their passion for innovation has resulted in a continuously evolving fleet of tankers, vehicles and equipment enabling them to offer an extensive and specialised range of services.


The current system used is based on the Microsoft Access technology and while this is suitable for very small organizations was not powerful/scalable enough for a company the size of Hydrosoft Cleansing. The Access platform is also not usable on mobile devices or non-windows systems so a web based platform was recommended. The design goals for the new web based system included:


A fully scalable web based CRM (Client Relationship Management) system that is usable across all modern platforms including mobile devices that provides in-depth, high-level management reporting and job data information and scheduling.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET using the Microsoft .NET Framework