LoneWorker Manager Mobile

Company: LoneWorker Solutions Limited
Project Website: www.loneworkermanager.com
Industry: Lone worker safety and protection

About Lone Worker Solutions

LoneWorker Solutions


To develop a fully automated, resilient and secure web-based platform. LoneWorker Manager™ is BS 8484:2011 compliant and should be designed to provide employers with a complete lone worker safety system to help protect employees and contractors who regularly or occasionally work alone, either away from or within the organisation's premises.


LoneWorker Manager™ uses voice and data networks alongside communications equipment to provide employers with a complete in-house "Re-active" and/or "Pro-active" lone worker protection system 24/7/365. It manages the:

All activations, de-activations, messages, responses and alerts generated by lone workers using either our suite of lone worker safety module applications or devices are recorded, logged by time, date, GPS location and message content by our LoneWorker Manager™ system, aiding health and safety management, audit reporting and duty of care compliance.

The LoneWorker Manager™ System will also (subject to device/application being used by the lone worker) send users daily safety reminders to activate their safety modules when working alone.

The LoneWorker Manager™ System can be used as an in-house system with an organisation managing their own lone worker escalations or can connect to an approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) using our LoneWorker Alert Manager™ (BS8484 compliant call handling). Once connected to the LoneWorker Manager™ platform this system answers the call from the lone worker and immediately and automatically collates and presents all of the necessary data required to the appointed ARC operator who will handle the call on behalf of an organisation. We have partnered with MITIE TOTAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT to provide these additional ARC services if required.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Google Android SDK, Apple iOS SDK


Click here for the LoneWorker Manager Mobile app manual.