Leonard Curtis Business Rescue & Recovery

Leonard Curtis provide directors of struggling businesses with positive strategic advice, enabling them to retain control of their business, as well as creditors and professionals involved with those dealing with debt and financial problems.


Leonard Curtis had shared IT services with their office building owner and required a full independent IT & Communication Solution across 8 offices. They have two larger offices in Bury and London and several other satellite offices around the country.

Leonard Curtis hold large amounts of data that require access from all offices across the country and as they do not use graphic-rich applications a High Availability Thin Client solution was proposed and implemented.


Continum implemented the High Availability Thin client solution at their head office in Bury with all data, including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange & data files, replicated between the head office and a business continuity platform hosted and managed in Continums secure data centre.

"I have used Continum for over 6 years as my ITC partner and they were the first company I called when we faced this major change to our ITC infrastructure. As always their advice was excellent and the new platform has been a major success."

Christian Waller Group IT Manager Leonard Curtis Rescue & Recovery