Non Geographical Numbers

087 Number Solutions

Changes to existing legislation in recent months now means that all 0870 numbers are charged at national rate. Any customers using these numbers must also play a pre-recorded message to all callers indicating the cost per minute for these numbers. 0871 are the new range of numbers to take over from 0870 and are regulated by PhonePayPlus. There are possible out payments on 0871 but this depends on the amount of minutes that are generated by your customers.

084 Number Solutions

0845 and 0844 are available and charge much less for callers to access them. In recent months 0845 out payments have been removed which has prompted a migration for users to move to 0844.

0800 & 0500 Free Phone Number Solutions

0800 and 0500 are numbers which are free to call for your customers. The costs per minute are paid by yourself and are typically used for sales order lines. The 0800 & 0500 number solutions also provide reporting similar to 084 and 087. This therefore provides you with a value added solution to gain and track new sales.