Reduced Fixed Lines and Mobile Cost Solutions

Fixed Lines

We work with a number of Tier 1 telephony partners which allows us to offer our clients reduced line rentals. By switching to us we can offer you a single bill for calls and lines, improved customer service and access to our online billing facility. Whether moving site, upgrading lines or simply growing your business, we can order, manage and install the lines on your behalf.

Reduced Call Charges

Our reduced call charges service enables you to achieve substantial savings on your existing call charges. By working with alternative Tier 1 telephony carriers, we are able to provide you with high quality calls but with much reduced charges. Carrier Pre Select (CPS) allows both new and existing customers to access our low cost telephone service. You can keep your current numbers and continue to make calls as usual. There are no setup costs for this service and we can offer a seamless transition, there will be no downtime while we transfer your account from your existing provider.