01. Snapshot

Developed by Continum, Responsible Gambling Manager (RGM) is a multi-functional and secure web-based platform with supported apps. Together, the platform and apps enhance the opportunities for high street bookmakers to support their customers who want to stop gambling for a period of time.

Highly advanced, yet straightforward and efficient, RGM provides an updated version of the ‘self-exclusion’ scheme. Self-exclusion was designed to allow people who identify as having a problem with gambling, to ask a gaming operator to exclude them from betting shops for a set length of time – usually between six months and five years.

RGM automates and improves the effectiveness of the system through its two revolutionary modules; Self Exclude and Breach Alert. Self Exclude simplifies the process of registration and automatically distributes customers' information to other local betting shops, while Breach Alert informs a shop manager if, and when a breach is occurring.


At Continum we are delighted that Paddy Power Betfair won Compliance Innovation of the Year at the GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards 2019, for their deployment of Responsible Gambling Manager across UK stores. The award recognises a firm that is always forward thinking, looking ahead at industry trends and preparing their organisation for the impact of these trends ahead of time.

03. key Modules

Self Exclude

Self Exclude is a direct replacement for the current paper-based process of registering a customer. It allows betting shops to register customers on the Responsible Gambling Manager platform (RGM), via an in-shop app on a dedicated Android tablet.


Self Exclude captures the customer’s picture and contact information and automatically distributes the profile to other betting shops in the area. The customer’s profile then appears at the top of the local tablet-based register for seven days; the period during which most gamblers attempt to breach the terms of their self-made contract.


Managers within betting outlets can access the register, seeing an up-to-the-minute list of the self-excluders in their area — providing them with the most efficient method of recognising those people if, and when they breach.

Breach Alert

Breach Alert automates the process of alerting shop staff that a self-excluder has entered the premises. Although it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with their self-imposed ban, once they have registered with Responsible Gambling Manager (RGM), they have the right to expect that operators will do everything possible to support them by refusing service. The old system that required staff to review and memorise the physical records for self-excluders was cumbersome and inefficient.


Breach Alert modernises this process by using Continum’s proprietary iBeacon Virtual Perimeter technology. Each store is fitted with a set of iBeacons that together form a virtual boundary. If a self-excluded customer enters the premises, the iBeacons picks up on a signal from an app previously downloaded to the registered customer’s smartphone. This, in turn, triggers Breach Alert on the store manager’s dedicated Android tablet. The manager can then refuse service and signpost supporting material, as well as registering the breach on the system.


04. Data SecuritY

At Continum we place customers’ data security at the heart of every application, we build.

  • All data is transmitted via the apps using secure HTTPS.

  • Comply with UK Data Protection Act (Company Ref Z2895610).

  • The platform is subjected to regular vulnerability and penetration testing.

  • Network and servers protected and hosted in an ISO27001 data centre.

  • Emergency/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Procedures in place.

  • Only authorised, competent and security screened personnel can access data.