02. development  timeline


  • Original concept in rough ‘product selector’ mode. Complete redesign and new vision for added functionality. Feasibility study indicates that the technology can be developed to ‘deconstruct’ architects’ drawings.


  • Builders module, key specifications locked down. Significant upload of product data.
    Customers can now select up to three builders to request quotes.


  • System demonstrated in Dublin to self builders and architects. Soft launch and user experience testing begins.


  • Architect’s module. The core system build its completed. Architects can now upload their drawings.

  • The system will decompile the elements of the drawing, windows, walls etc. Began with limited standard information.


  • Supplier Module developed.

  • Suppliers can now add their products and pricing to the extensive database.


  • UBuildPro launched at the SelfBuild and Improve Your Home exhibitions in Dublin.

03. key Functions

01. Snapshot

UBuildPro is a Home Building Cost Estimator. Designed to accept standard architects' drawings, it analyses the constituent parts of the building from roof tiles and windows, to bags of nails and concrete. The system then compares the ‘bill of quantities’ with an extensive product database from the suppliers in the app user’s region. The result is an up-to-date price list for the entire project. As quantities or specifications are changed the pricing automatically updates, so it is easy to access an accurate total project cost. The system also analyses the impact of specifications to provide a Building Energy Rating (BER).
The app user can use the system to request and compare quotes from professional registered builders. Once selected they can use UBuildPro’s interface to finalise the building specifications.

For Architects

UBuildPro is an online service that quantifies house building projects. People often start their building project wanting bigger houses than they can afford and as the costs stack up they begin to trim their ideas. A nightmare for architects who then have to then re-specify and re-cost the project.

It's very straightforward to use. The architect uploads a drawing to the app and within 48 hours, they receive a fully quantified and priced specification. All prices are based on local market averages, and the pricing database is updated on a weekly basis.

UBuildPro allows architects to change the specifications of a job, instantly receiving an updated cost and Building Energy Rating.

For Builders

UBuildPro helps builders to efficiently estimate project costs allowing them to make a more accurate tender. The system lets them upload their preferred supplier’s costs. These are applied to the material quantities specified in the architect’s drawings.  The builder can then adjust their margins on all aspects of the job — roofing, windows, renders etc.

UBuildPro generates a detailed bill of quantities for the project, right down to the last bag of nails. Along with 3-D drawings for all major elements of the project.

The system even estimates the time it should take to complete each element of the build, and the builder can the adjust this to fit their working practices.

For Suppliers

UBuildPro allows builders merchants to work out accurate costs and quantities for each job. Too often merchants are asked to quote based on rough estimates or drawings that are not to scale.

The Builders Merchants & Suppliers Material Service features of UBuildPro allows suppliers to enter their cost for each product line. They can then see a total cost for the project and adjust it up or down depending on the specifics of the build or the relationships involved.

04. The System

Clients submit drawings to UBuildPro

  • Suppliers Data: Prices, location, logistics, margins, discounts, exist in real time, in the engine database.

  • Suppliers and builders have the facility to set up discount agreements between each other within the database.

  • The drawing dimensions are combined with supplier data, and a full bill of quantities is generated.

  • This is available online, where all users, builders, architects, self-builders can interact with BoQ and make real-time changes.

  • Final Output:

    • Bills of quantity.

    • Schedules.

    • 2D and 3D graphics.

    • BER calculations